City Wide Prayer Rally has existed in some form since 2003.  While the iterations of our ministry have been many and varied, the unwavering focus has been to seek transformation for our city through corporate prayer.

How it all started

In October of 2002, our founder Dave Peddie and his wife Heather attended several services at the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York State.  Through the ministry of the word and worship that day, and also through the subsequent ministry of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir's CD's, God began a major spiritual transformation in their lives.

Small Beginnings

Upon returning to Calgary, David and Heather shared their experiences with their church, and challenged fellow believers to make prayer a priority.  As they urged others to engage in prayer more fervently, David and Heather joined a Life Group within their church comprised of other couples who shared similar professional and personal interests as them.  In sharing their personal and familial needs and struggles, the group collectively found themselves spending more and more time in prayer for each other, for their church, and for their community.

big dreams

As more and more of their prayers were answered by God, the testimony of God's work in their lives spread, drawing more and more people toward the prayer-soaked Life Group.  Soon, they needed to stop meeting in peoples' homes and began to meet in the church itself to accommodate the larger attendances.  Soon after, they had to move to a hotel conference room to accommodate the 75+ people that were attending each week.  Within weeks, their group had grown to over 150 people meeting weekly in the basement of the hotel.  At that time, God gave David a vision about the potential of believers meeting together in an organized manner to mobilize the power of focused prayer.